Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life Was Sweeter Than Flies

Her cold hands, against my still body feel so uncomfortable.
But it doesn’t matter because I am no longer living.
I can remember what my days were like, all up to the point I was murdered;
for some useless biology class.
In the forest I was the mother of three tadpoles, my life was great.
I had everything I ever wanted; nice Lillie pad, a great mate, and friends.
Life was sweeter than flies.
But then a noise of footsteps shook my world.
I panicked, my heart rate skyrocketed.
Fear and anxiety took over, like mosquitoes take summer.
There here, they’re coming! I screamed.
But the human didn’t care about me.
I became worthless, nothing mattered.
I knew the end was near.
This warm-blooded hand grabbed me.
With the press of something stingy me, I felt dizzy.
I knew it was over.

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