Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life Was Sweeter Than Flies

Her cold hands, against my still body feel so uncomfortable.
But it doesn’t matter because I am no longer living.
I can remember what my days were like, all up to the point I was murdered;
for some useless biology class.
In the forest I was the mother of three tadpoles, my life was great.
I had everything I ever wanted; nice Lillie pad, a great mate, and friends.
Life was sweeter than flies.
But then a noise of footsteps shook my world.
I panicked, my heart rate skyrocketed.
Fear and anxiety took over, like mosquitoes take summer.
There here, they’re coming! I screamed.
But the human didn’t care about me.
I became worthless, nothing mattered.
I knew the end was near.
This warm-blooded hand grabbed me.
With the press of something stingy me, I felt dizzy.
I knew it was over.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

High School Diary of Freshman

First day of school: going to the bus stop I stand all by myself looking lost. New school, new teachers, trying to make new friends. Everything is new to me and to every other freshman. High school isn’t really all I hoped for or even wanted. It's my first day in a new distinct so I don't know anyone when I walk in the school. I don't have anyone to share how great my summer was. Walking through the halls is lonely; everyone is in their perfect little cliques reminiscing about middle school days. I try to get my locker open while people stare, or at least it looks like people are watching my every move. But wait I meet someone at orientation, but we have no classes together.

Couple of days go by it’s the same routine, met some more people through the guy I met at orientation. In high school everyone is trying to find who they want to hang out with and who they really want to be, including me. I stayed quiet for a while until I just couldn’t take it; it was driving me insane!!!! Sometimes talking to new people I can be shy but I knew I had to say something. It had to be done if I wanted to be the girl that others knew and loved. I was going to have to make it happen. First person I approached at lunch time was a girl sitting all by herself. She sort of reminded me of me. I sat down said hi and in the next two minutes I found out her name, her grade, and she didn’t have a problem with me being a freshman( she’s a sophomore) . My new freshman friends sat down with us; it's three others. Finally I felt like I made some progress all in a week.

I'm still waiting for theater to start. I feel the need to be involved with something I want to pursue in the near future. I finally know all my teachers' names, which took me forever. Most of the time I still find myself walking by myself and fading into the background something that I don’t want to happen. Maybe I should be more assertive; I don’t think it's true that no one really likes the nice girl, but I’m not into changing for other people even if that means being alone. My old friends were great, I wish they were here with me. Good thing I still keep in contact. Everyone that knows me thinks of me as a drama queen and I am perfectly fine with that but here in high school they think I’m childish. I don’t think of myself as childish I just like to have fun not take everything so seriously. I don’t really know how to stop being so called “childish” nor do I want to. If it were up to me, I would prefer those people would lighten up a little, they seem too uptight.

Knowing that the school year just started, I feel like I’m ready for whatever high school throws at me. You hear that high school is hard. I really don’t think I’m going to break easily. I say bring it on!!!!